Finding Jesus In The Old Testament

Hey Musers!  Happy Christmas Eve Eve!  Today we begin a new series…on finding Jesus in the Old Testament.AlbuM.jpg

Today we’re going to step our feet out of the sand and into the deep waters of the Old Testament.  I don’t think any of my posts have Old Testament stuff in them (minus maybe one Isaiah quote).  Maybe I forgot the Old Testament is part of the Bible…

It actually is.

So, I think the best way to read the Bible is to see how it points to Jesus.  More on that here.

We’re going to go through different bits of the Old Testament and find Jesus…even before he entered the world.

Want to contribute?  No need to enter your email or anything else.  Just fill out this one-question form and type in a Bible story or book of the Old Testament you’d like me to write on.  It’s right here:

Thanks for helping out, and hope you enjoy this (probably) eternally work-in-progress series!