Get Public Domain Audiobooks Free!

Dramaudio has finally come with the help of my friend Caleb, extremely unknown, very professional audiobook narrator!

Go to Dramaudio here. (Ignore all the pictures of coffee; we hate coffee.  Under construction!)

Check out our about page:

We are two anonymous teenagers who love producing audiobooks for free for the world.  We know how annoying it is to pay for stuff you shouldn’t have to, and we also know how annoying it is to listen to cheap audio that sounds like they recorded it in the middle of a giant party to purposely drive you crazy.

We try to solve that by recording free public domain quality audiobooks that the whole family can enjoy.

Take a listen (once we start uploading stuff around here!) and tell us what you think here.

So grab a snack or drink, and enjoy Dramaudio’s audiobook productions!

If you think this is interesting, PLEASE , please, please, please, PLEASE shoot us an email OR comment below!
P.S. Learn about the book that’s coming out here