RELAUNCH (help me shape the direction of this blog!)

I’m relaunching on OCTOBER 1st 2017 – in short, I’m narrowing down my message, asking you for a minute of help, and launching a free ebook and article series!

Here’s what that means:

#1: I’m going to hone my message. Instead of just “Christian articles from Zach Philip”, I’m narrowing down to “helping fellow young Christians live a God-glorifying, gospel-centered life“.

#2: Help me shape the direction of this new project! Click HERE to answer two quick questions that will really impact this. And if you complete it, I’ll send you a free ebook!

#3: I’ll be releasing a “manifesto“: basically, what the center of is (who we are through the gospel and why we’re here/how to live in light of the gospel).

#4: The launch: an ebook AND article series that gets into the specifics of our identity and calling as young Christians!

#5: Do you know anyone who might be interested in this? Teens, parents, or youth workers? Let them know about the survey! Here’s the link: Thank you so much! That makes a massive difference.

#5: Less important – I’ll be writing articles once a week every Monday and email subscriber-only content every Friday (you can join that AND get notified on the launch at

Thank you so much for your support!!