Introducing…The Reformation: 500 Years (and why it still matters for teens)


Happy (almost) October!

I just wanted to introduce you to a month-long journey/blog series on the Five Solas, leading up to the 500th anniversary on October 31st when I’ll launch a short PDF book, Why the Reformation Matters for Teens. If you’d like to sign up to get that book (and weekly Christ-centered email devotions for young people), go to

Here’s what October will look like for

October 1st (that’s tomorrow!): Introduction to the Five Solas

October 3rd: by Scripture alone

October 5th: by Faith alone

October 12th: by Grace alone

October 19th: through Christ alone

October 26th: to God alone be the glory

October 31st: Reformation Day – Why the Reformation Matters for Teens (Free Ebook)

I really hope this series will really help both you and me as we discover the story of the Reformation and why it matters.