My Take on Experiencing the Trinity (Chapter 3: He is Powerful)

Hey there! Good morning (I think)! This is the third post in a new series: My Take on the book Experiencing the Trinity by Joe Thorn. To read the past two in the series, click hereBasically, as I read each chapter, I’ll share what I learned and thought was really interesting – from my teen perspective! 

The third devotion is focused on how powerless and weak we are and how powerful, sovereign, and loving God is.

“…to know that your God is sovereign should be a great encouragement to your soul when you face what looks to be impossible. Consider your great enemies, the world, the flesh, the Devil, and death. They are terrible foes, yet God is sovereign over them and has overcome each one through the work of his Son Jesus Christ.” – Joe Thorn

We are weak and powerless sinners. But God is infinitely strong and he cares.

And through Jesus’ death and resurrection, He conquered death, the Devil, our sinful flesh, and the world.

Imagine a super-powerful tyrant who couldn’t care less about anyone. He kills people for his own amusement and only cares about himself. He has power – but not love.

But God – he is sovereign over everything and he loves and cares about you more than you love and care about yourself.

“Yes, you are weak, but the sovereign God of the universe is with you. The Holy Spirit is in you. Jesus himself says that he is ever with you. Whatever towers before you is small before your all-powerful God.” – Joe Thorn