My Take on Experiencing the Trinity (Chapter 5: He Provides)

Hey there! Good morning (I think)! This is the third post in a new series: My Take on the book Experiencing the Trinity by Joe Thorn. To read the past four in the series, click hereBasically, as I read each chapter, I’ll share what I learned and thought was really interesting – from my teen perspective! 

The fifth devotion is about how God is always with us and provides what is best for us (even if it doesn’t seem great to us!)

“The uncertainties of life, the accompanying worries connected to the what-ifs, can be settled in this great truth: come what may, God will never leave you or forsake you. Rather, he promises to supply you with whatever you need in this life and in the life to come.” – Joe Thorn

God doesn’t promise to give you every earthly thing you want – but he promises to be with you and to give you the grace to keep going and he gives what is best – even if we don’t think so.

Because God knows everything – from before the world began to eternity from now ((and we know literally nothing in comparison to him) – and cares about us, we can trust that whatever comes, it’s for his glory and it’s the best for us, even if that means starvation or persecution for his name.

And even if we do die from something terrible like that, because of the cross, we know that we will be with God forever, completely happy and satisfied in God!