Scripture Alone & Why it Matters for Teens (Part 2: 500 Years)

pexels-photo-250609Happy Thursday! Today I have a short article on Scripture alone – and a few reasons why it matters for teens. I’m going to do another one on the practicals of reading the Bible, but today it’s an overview of Scripture Alone. And if I can, I’ll see if I can do an article on how we know the Bible is true.


So what does Scripture alone mean? And on the other hand, what does it not mean?

It means…

  1. Scripture alone is our ultimate authority
  2. Anything that contradicts Scripture isn’t true

And it doesn’t mean…

  1. Traditions don’t matter. They do! Traditions are important and helpful (as long as they’re in line with Scripture!), but Scripture is our authority.
  2. Everything we could know is in the Bible. The Bible has everything¬†necessary¬†to know for “teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness” (2 Timothy 3:16), but it doesn’t clearly explain less important issues (because they’re less important!). The big point of the Bible is Jesus – seeing our sin, seeing Jesus our Savior, and turning from our sins day by day.


  1. Scripture is our authority. We have a solid ground and we know how God wants us to live. This book is God’s very words to us.
  2. As teens, we have the absolute truth revealed from God himself in Scripture.
  3. Jesus – his life, death, and resurrection for us – is made clear through Scripture. We see the gospel clearly as teens in Scripture – God’s love for sinners like us that we might live for him.

To summarize, Scripture is our authority and absolute truth and God’s gift to us – showing us Christ and his death and resurrection for us.